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Archives: October 2017

Having that junk car cluttering your driveway has a tendency to get old fast. Not knowing what to do with it, that junk car can sit for years. Whether it was involved in a collision, endured severe flooding, or simply got old and it is now past its prime, there is no need to hang onto it. Though you may not think it is worth a dime, all vehicles have a salvage value often ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Because even the vehicle that hasn’t moved in a decade can be worth something, many people are turning to the companies who offer to buy junk cars and take the burden off your shoulders. Unfortunately, like many industries, there are scams being done to unknowing victims. In an effort to help you avoid being a victim when selling your junker, we at North Texas Cash for Cars, would like to relate a few of the most common scams.

Junk Car Scams

1. Bait and Switch: The infamous bait and switch scam is among the most common scams used. Generally, you will reach out to a seemingly legit junk for cash company that will offer and estimate price based on the vehicle’s information you provided. Once you have agreed to the generous offer, the representative will then offer you less for the initial quoted amount. If this occurs, thank them for their time and decline their new offer. To avoid being scammed, take the time to research the company and ensure they are a legitimate business with satisfied customers. Don’t be afraid to get a few quotes from different companies to compare the sell price.
2. Lost Title: A popular scam ran by some unethical sellers who are only looking to make a quick buck off the salvage vehicles is to claim the title was lost. When transferring ownership to the company, make certain all the paperwork and procedure is done properly. Even if the car is no longer in your possession, several offences such as parking violations for example, can be charged to you if the title or registration is not transferred properly. Again, the best way to avoid this scam is to select a reputable company.
3. Pay by Check: Where someone offering to buy your junk car with a check isn’t completely suspicious, a big red flag is if they ask to write the check for more and have you refund the difference. In most cases, these checks never clear and your bank will likely assess funds to cover the bad check as well as fees pertaining to bounced checks. You will still be held responsible by your banking institution, despite the fact that the check is fraudulent.

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Unsuspecting victims each day in the selling junk cars for cash industry are being scammed by con artists. You can avoid falling victim to these scams and losing out on money if you can spot the warning signs of the scams. Before you sell, research the maximum value and research dependable and honest junk for cash companies. At North Texas Cash for Cars, we have the positive reputation, the credentials, and the integrity to be a dependable resource if you are looking to make a profit off the junk car that is taking up valuable space. Call us today to get started!

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