Do you go out to your car with your fingers crossed that it will start that day? Do you park away from your friend’s house because you are embarrassed by the state of your vehicle? These are some of the things that people go through when they have what many people consider a “beater”. It is just a term that is used for a car that is on its last leg of life. It is hard for some people to part ways with their car even if it is not doing so well. A vehicle is something that most people take good care of and want to keep running for as long as they can. Taking care of your car is really only going to take it so far. No matter what you do a car will end up needing more work than it is worth when it is getting to the end of its life. If you are not sure whether your car is ready for the junkyard yet, you can look at some common signs that your car is a goner.

North Texas Cash For Cars Lists Signs Your Car is a Junk Ready For the Junkyard!

How Old is Your Car?: One of the ways you can tell your vehicle is ready to be sold as a junk car is the age of the vehicle. The standard definition of a car that is allowed to be junked has to be more than three years in age. Although the most common age of vehicles that are sold as junk cars are about 20 years old. The older the car gets the more wear and tear there is on the engine and other working parts. At some point these parts need work or replacement often to keep them on the road.
What is the Mileage of Your Car?: The average junk car has more than 150,000 miles on it when it is brought in. That does not mean that your car will last that long or go out at that same time. There are some vehicles that other circumstances have brought it to be junked. It can also be due to the make and model of the vehicle and how well the owner has taken care of it.
Has the Car Been in an Accident or Damaged?: You might think that all the cars that make it to a junkyard are old and rusty. That is just not the case. It may surprise you to know there is a portion of cars that are sold for junk that are less than 10 years old. There are great reasons for that. One is that the vehicle could have been in an accident that was quite serious. The accident may deem the vehicle totaled which means that it would take more money to make the needed repairs than the car is even worth. At that point you can sell it for cash and junk it. You might also see a car that is junked that does not show any outward appearance of damage. The engine and other mechanics of the car could have been damaged past repair.

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