It may have struck you that there is no point in renewing the registration of your junk car. As it doesn’t run anymore and you aren’t planning to part it out on the street, you may think it’s unnecessary. Well depending on what state you live in, if your junker has an expired registration, you may just be breaking a local law. The punishment will likely start with a warning but if ignored, could lead to accruing fines and involuntary removal of the vehicle. In the state of Texas, an offense under an ordinance adopted under Chatper 683 is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $200 and the municipal court can issue the necessary orders to enforce
the law, including the removal of the nuisance vehicle on conviction
. If your junk car isn’t completely enclosed in a building and not visible from the street or other buildings; you are at risk. Rather than burning a hole in your wallet and getting in trouble with the law, there is a better way; you could get rid of that old junk car today. North Texas Cash for Cars live up to our name. We have prepared a quick rundown below on what you need to know if you have an unregistered vehicle waiting to get a ticket on your property!

Junk Vehicle Nuisance Ordinances

While local ordinances vary around the country, they all have certain elements in common. Junk vehicle nuisance ordinances were established to prevent unsightly car bodies from being an eyesore, ruining landscapes and cluttering up property. In addition to being a distraction, bringing down home vales and possibly encouraging additional dumping of other trash, junk cars can become harborage for insects, rodents and nuisance wildlife. They can also leak fluids such as gasoline, brake fluid, oil and coolant which can seep into the ground and get in our water supply. Registering the vehicle isn’t a be all and end all though. Even if it is registered, your car can still be considered a junk if it’s dismantled, falling apart or even looks like it doesn’t run.

What to Do with an Unregistered Vehicle

You have a couple of options at your disposal. You can pay to register the vehicle. Although this option can be a waste of money if you aren’t planning to drive the vehicle regularly. And as mentioned above, it may not be enough. You may have to spend time and money fixing it up so it doesn’t look like a junker. A much better option is to call a reputable company like North Texas Cash for Cars that will pay cash for your unwanted vehicle. We will tow your car away so you won’t have to risk getting caught driving an unregistered vehicle. You will not only get the unregistered jalopy eyesore off your property, but you’ll get cash on the spot and won’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the law; or your neighbors. Your only concern will be what to do with the extra money you just made!

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