Cars and water don’t mix. Food waters can mean serious water damage to cars. Even minimal water damage can be enough to cause major damage and ruin a car’s history report. This makes it very hard to sell a car affected by flooding even if it’s be fixed. With recent flooding from hurricanes, hundreds of people will be faced with flood-damaged cars. The damage will be different for each car depending on the extent of the flooding. The damage will need to be assessed to determine if it can be repaired. You will have to decide if the car is worth repairing. The extent of damage may have you shelling out a lot of money. Having comprehensive coverage can be helpful in covering flood damage but don’t think you’re in the clear. Even with comprehensive coverage, if the cost of repairs is more than what your car is worth, your insurance company will total your car.

Are Flooded Cars Repairable? What if I didn’t Have Flood Insurance

Insurance companies are quick to write off cars that have been damaged by floods. The reason is that the body of the car and all the metal parts will eventually start to rust. Most times the entire car is affected by the water in some way. Water that makes it’s way onto the engine can be fixed some of the time but only if the engine has been completely dried before starting the repairs. If you’re lucky enough to fix the engine, you may still have a drivetrain that is likely beyond repair. The electrical system is always affected even if the water only reached the floor of your car and will cause connections to corrode and computers to short out. Even if the car starts, there will be moisture that lingers and will most certainly cause problems in the future. These are reasons that most insurance companies want to just get the car off their hands rather than deal with the hassle of having a diagnosis done on the car that can be expensive, then the repairs that will come, not to mention all the future problems that are sure to arise.

Is it Illegal to Sell a Flood Damaged Car?

You can sell your flood damaged car as long as you are honest about it. This means you have to tell the potential buyer and you’ll need to make sure the title is branded as a flood salvage. Even if the car seems to be working fine you still need to disclose to any buyers that it was damaged by flooding. If you aren’t honest then it’s fraud because you’re misrepresenting the car’s condition significantly. If you are considering buying a car that was affected by flooding you need to know what you’re getting into.

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